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Hiking Central Oregon with a dog, camera and good attitude.

D. Kearly

D. Kearly

I have lived in Oregon for nearly three decades and I can almost consider myself a native as my mother’s Oregon family roots go back something like three generations. Let’s just say I have an abiding love for this country and can still hear my grandfather speak about how ” … Oregon is God’s country after all …”.

A one-time journalist, a snap-happy photographer (though not as accomplished as some ‘real’ photographer’s I’ve talked to) and an avid hiker I have been collecting Oregon hiking experiences for quite some time, and the photos are beginning to pile up. What to do with these experiences, all of those photos and my spare time? Well, naturally — start a hiking blog. So,  here we are. Thank you for visiting and feel free to email me your comments.


  1. sandy says:

    Nice blog, I am in Maine now, but was born in Salem. I am going to enjoy reading your posts.

  2. amritasurya says:

    Lovely blog! Thanks for liking and following my blog!

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