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Hiking Central Oregon – Trail Reviews

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Archive of Past Haunts

Hikes are listed (at the menu along the top of the page) as ‘Central Oregon Hikes’ which are hikes accessible with only short drives (usually less than an hour) from Central Oregon; and, ‘Day Trips’ that may involve some drive time.

These are some of the current hikes you can read about:

Central Oregon Hikes

New Day Trips:

All photos on this website are provided by photographer and writer Dhyana Kearly unless otherwise indicated. New stories and photos are being added on a daily basis and please feel free to email suggestions for trails not yet listed here – keeping in mind that our goal is to present relatively accessible hiking trails that are hiker-dog friendly too.

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Alder Springs Trail - Rim Rocks Along the Way

Alder Springs Trail, near Sisters is a good little hike offering many photo ops.

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